A Glimpse of Hacking and Its Technical Aspects


Almost all the facilities are digitalized with the help of technology development in the current era and the gain and issues are also rising equally that threatening the human society in many ways. A lot of digital devices are manufactured and spread among the human community which clearly shows their positive and negative aspects. Beyond the positive aspects, the negative aspects receive more attention and concern. Since device handling is based on the internet it greatly supports that to hack very easily unless it is secured properly. 

What do you mean by hacking? 

Hacking is the process of accessing other devices like computers, smartphones, and other digital devices connected to the internet and certain networks without the device owner’s permission. Hacking is purely technical and this can be done by either installing malware on the respective devices or by getting their personal information. Hackers will make the people click the malware or will collect the information by handling them in a psychological way.  

The reasons for Hacking

  • Mostly hacking will be made to loot the money from the common people’s accounts for financial gain. Usually, hackers will get the credit/ Debit card detail for these fraudulent activities. 
  • On the corporate side, the hackers will intrude their devices and may rob their details of them to take certain advantages of their respective marketplace. 
  • Sometimes the hackers will disturb a particular site or device to defame the concern for any reason. 
  • Potential threats can be made by hacking the nation’s official sites and many times this happens. In the current Russia- Ukraine war the hacking of their respective nation’s sites was on the talk.

How they will hack?

There are many ways to hack any devices and sites. Since it is pure technical all the methods of hacking are completely technical and a skilled person is mandatory to perform the hacking process. 

Social Engineering is one of the important methods of hacking where the hackers will get the required personal information to hack the devices by approaching them psychologically. Beyond this, Worms, Trojans, Ransomware, Viruses, and links are some of the techniques that will be used to hack the targeted devices or sites. 

Can we hack the system through Link?

The device can be easily hacked by simply clicking the link provided without installing any kind of application or software on the respective devices. The link may be channeled into the server and will create the space for the hackers to progress their job conveniently. Mostly the WhatsUp applications will be hacked in this way where the link will be sent from an unknown number with the exciting words that stimulate the people’s desire. After clicking the link all their data are in hackers’ hands. 

Hacking is not holding the negative aspects whereas ethical hacking is pushing the process on the positive side. There are the hackers’ named white hat hackers and they aspire to enhance the cyber security systems and identify the flaws that existed in the system. It is reported that many corporates are employing their own white hat hackers to ensure security.