Android’s Real-time Captions Feature will work with Voice and Video Calls on Pixel 4A

Android’s real-time captions

Yesterday, Google made a huge announcement: it’s Android real-time captions feature in Pixel 4A phones will soon have the ability to roll out with voice and video calls. Right now, Live Caption only works with media that users played on their phones, such as a YouTube video. However, once this new functionality is available, users will soon can have a phone call with someone and get captions of what they are saying as they say it. Yet, keep in mind that Google has announced that for now, it will only work for calls with a single person, not with group calls too. 

Once users enable the Android’s real-time captions feature for voice or video, the user on the other end of the call will be notified via an announcement, which will let them know that the captions are enabled. Yet, users can choose to turn off the voice announcement feature. What’s also important to mention is that none of the captions that roll out during the voice or video call get saved as it all works locally so that nothing gets sent up to the Internet.  

Yesterday, Google had the official launch of its new Android smartphone, Pixel 4A, in which it also announced this new ability of Android’s real-time captions feature. Users can already see how the Live Caption with calls works as a Twitter user, Dieter Bohn, posted a video on the social media platform in which he is using the feature on the newly announced Pixel 4A phone. But make no mistake, Google has announced that the feature won’t be available only on Pixel 4A phones but will also roll out to the Pixel 2, 3, and 3A. 

A new version of Google Assistant

In October last year, Google has announced the second-gen version of its Google Assistant software, which was designed with new abilities, a design remake, plus a noticeable boost to speed. At that time, Google has announced that the service will come first to its Pixel phones at the Pixel 4 reveal event which took place in New York City. 

The company revealed back then that the new version of Assistant would be up to 10 times faster than it was before. And, the marketing videos at that time did show a much quicker version of the software in giving directions and returning answers to queries. 

Now, the new version of Google Assistant debuted with the newly launched Pixel 4A phone. As promised, the second-generation of Google Assistant came with a speed boost, a new design, and new capabilities. The feature only supports English for now, but will soon be available in German, French, Italian and Spanish as well. However, Google has announced that more languages to the service are coming soon. 

Yesterday was a day with a lot of big announcements. In addition to announcing its new Android smartphone Pixel 4A, yesterday, Google also spoke a little about two new phones, which are expected to be launched by the end of this year: the Pixel 4A 5G and the Pixel 5.