Apple Joins Microsoft and Amazon in carbon-neutral pledge

Apple Joins Microsoft

Apple has announced its pledge to become carbon-neutral by 2030. The company says that its new sustainability commitment targets its entire business and manufacturing supply. Moreover, Apple explained that its pledge means that all its devices will have zero impact on climate at the point when they are being sold. Apple joins Microsoft and Amazon in this carbon-neutral pledge for 2030. 

Apple’s commitment follows the footsteps of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, which have all announced their climate goals last year. In fact, Microsoft has definitely set high standards with its pledge to not only be carbon-neutral by 2030 but also to remove the same amount of carbon as it has ever emitted from the environment by 2050. Moreover, Microsoft has also revealed a collaboration with Nike, Starbucks, and Mercedes-Benz, among other companies, to share information on technologies that can help with carbon reduction. 

As for Amazon, the company has set its carbon-neutral goals to 2040 stressing on the challenges it will face while transforming the home-delivery vehicles it uses to more eco-friendly energy options. Google has also announced that it intends to extend the carbon-neutral status, claiming that the pledge will also encompass its supply chain. However, Google has yet to set a deadline. 

Back in 2018, Apple pledged for its corporate offices, data centers, and retail store to run on 100% renewable energy. Now, Apple joins Microsoft and Amazon and the search engine giant, Google, in their carbon-neutral pledge, intending to reduce emissions from its current carbon footprint by 75% until the 2030 deadline. 

Lisa Jackson, the company’s vice president of environment, policy, and social initiatives said that Apple is really proud of the climate-related things they have done so far but has also admitted that climate change is a significant problem that is calling the company to make changes within the industry to set an example. 

Apple’s rare-earth magnets robot

The company has revealed a 10-year plan to support its pledge, detailing some of the actions it plans to take by 2030. 

Perhaps the most surprising plan of the company is the use of a new robot called Dave which Apple plans to use to recover materials, rare-earth metals to be more precise, from the vibrating Taptic Engine from the devices that are returned for recycling. Lisa Jackson has explained that the engine is firstly removed by another robot, called Daisy and then, its new robot, Dave, will disassemble the engine and extract rare-earth elements from it. Afterwards, the elements will be reprocessed and put back in use in the supply chains. Moreover, Lisa Jackson has also revealed that more than 70 of the company’s suppliers have already agreed to use 100% renewable energy by 2030. 

Apple’s official announcement includes more climate-related efforts such as the pledge to increase the use of recycled raw materials in making its products, developing new solar-panel projects to power its data centers in Scandinavia, as well as the development of a carbon-free aluminum-smelting process as part of a collaboration with two of its suppliers.