AVEVA Announces Its New App Which Uses Real-time AI

AVEVA Announces Its New App Which Uses Real-time AI

The worldwide leader in the industrial and engineering software sector announces the launch of its new app, AVEVA Insight OMI, which will be making use of real-time AI to gain insights into the decision making of business owners, managers and staff members. The overall aim is to improve operational agility and provide businesses a faster move towards applying artificial intelligence, whether on the plant floor or within the control room.

The new AVEVA app will detect anomalies in industrial plants in real-time, all in the OMI visual display. It will assist operational managers, business managers in the industrial industry and engineers. The app will also be of great benefit to other industries such as hospitality, food and beverage, energy and water to name but a few.

AI capabilities within apps are being increasingly seen where there is a need for prediction along with automatic detection for potential abnormal behaviour.  This means that early warnings are possible so that they can be quickly resolved before becoming key business issues that could be even more difficult in future to solve. Examples of these types of problems include losses within production as well as unexpected downtime.

The app’s simple interface enables ease of management of production teams and also operations and maintenance. The intuitive, AI-led predictions, warnings and confirmations provide an element of great simplicity for managers and other responsible team members. Teams can use the tools within the app to swiftly train the AI-driven app engine to instinctively adapt to industry and business specific implementations. What’s more, the AVEVA Insight OMI app needs not specialist programming, nor do teams need to have any knowledge of data science to ensure accuracy. The artificial intelligence used for predictions over a period of time offers teams the ability to look back and deduce what actually matters, and can be captured within a business’s on-site HMI/SCADA solution to gain further insights as and when required.

A truly innovative technology solution, another huge benefit of the new AVEVA app is that false alarms and warnings from false positives are massively reduced because of the use of powerful AI and cloud analytics solutions. No more unnecessary loss of resources and time due to inefficient predictive solutions with a definitive focus on harnessing the power of real-time artificial intelligence in the business environment to maximise industry profitability in these uncertain times.