Intel Tiger Lake CPU event confirmed for early September

Intel Tiger Lake CPU
In July, Intel announced a notable event happening on September 2, and, after much speculation, we now know that they were talking about an event for the Intel Tiger Lake CPU. Spotted on the company’s calendar, this event will announce the launch...

Pliops Storage Processor could boost SSD performance by 10 times

Pliops Storage Processor
Pliops, a storage startup focusing on database acceleration, has just announced the launch of the Pliops Storage Processor (PSP), a revolutionary processor that could improve SSD performance dramatically. According to Pliops, the processor will boost SSD performance by 10 times, cut latencies,...

Flagship Qualcomm Processor to be Included on the next OPPO Reno Series

Flagship Qualcomm processor
Launched in 2019, OPPO's Reno series already has four smartphones. However, apart from the Reno 10x Zoom, which managed to get flagship status and impress with its performance, the others remained in the mid-range category and didn't appeal to high-performance users. That's...

MediaTek’s Helio A25 processor launched for entry-level smartphones

MediaTek's Helio A25
Yesterday, MediaTek has launched its Helio A25 SoC. The newly launched chipset will be used by device makers who produce entry-level smartphones. Moreover, the chipset is already available in the Infinix Smart 4 Plus, which was launched, earlier in July, at a...

Intel’s Xeon Gold Cooper Lake CPU unveils 20 Cores, also features Gold Solder

Intel's Xeon Gold Cooper Lake CPU
One month ago, Intel has launched its third-generation Xeon Scalable CPU family named Cooper Lake, which is based on 14nm architecture. Recently, some users in mainland China have purchased the first QS Copper Lake chips, which have shown an exciting design of...

Dimensity 720 Processor launched and Features the most Power-efficient 5G modem

Dimensity 720 Processor
MediaTek launched its new Dimensity 720 chipset on Thursday, and it has integrated 5G for mid-range phones, promising to give users access to premium 5G experiences on their smartphones, according to the company.  The new Dimensity 720 processor is...

Phytium Tengyun S2500 is a Strong Competitor to AMD’s Processors

Phytium Tengyun S2500
AMD processors have long been the default choice for high-performance PC users who wanted the best multicore desktop processors, but they could be facing some serious competition soon from Chinese chip designer Phytium. Recently, they’ve just unveiled the Phytium Tengyun S2500, a next...

Intel Core i9-10850K appears listed by retailers and might be cheaper than 10900K CPU

Intel Core i9
The rumored addition to the Comet Lake range, Intel’s Core i9-10850K, was seen online listed in a boxed retail version. It seems, after all, that the processor is going to be sold directly to customers.  The 10850K version has...

AMD Ryzen 4000G processors are now coming to prebuilt desktop computers

AMD Ryzen 4000G processors
If you plan on buying a new desktop computer soon, you’re in luck, because AMD has just announced their new AMD Ryzen 4000G processors, and they’re expected to drop later in fall. With this new line of processors, AMD is competing with...