Destiny 2 Expansion Delayed to November 10th due to Covid-19 Pandemic

Destiny 2 expansion delayed

Destiny 2 expansion Beyond Light is delayed to November 10th as Bungie reports development difficulties due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The extension was supposed to be released on September 22nd. 

A statement from Destiny Development Team explains that the decision to move the release date to November 10th from September 22nd was made in order to deliver the same level of quality that fans expect. The Dev team explained that its goal is to “make the coolest, most entertaining expansion” it can possibly make for fans. Therefore, the team decided that it will move the launch date in order to have more time to create an expansion that has the same level of quality Bungie has used to offer to its fans. 

The statement also revealed that the team has faced development challenges and will continue to face these challenges due to the ongoing pandemic. Moreover, the team has explained that due to these challenges, it had to learn a new way to work together yet apart from one another. But, despite all these challenges, the team says that it is committed to creating an extension that provides the level of quality that fans expect. 

Beyond Light- the major fall expansion

Bungie announced earlier this year that Beyond Light would be the major fall expansion for its Destiny 2 series. The series has recently begun to release smaller seasonal updated throughout this year and promised a substantial content expansion later in the fall. The Beyond Light expansion was announced to be the first chapter of a new trilogy of expansions. Yet, the company announced some bad news for the eager fans who were waiting for this extension: Destiny 2 expansion delayed to November 10th. 

Bungie has already made its game’s fan have high expectations for the future of Destiny, especially after outlining the next few years of the franchise. This year, the company announced the future roadmap of its Destiny 2 game in a Twitch live stream. In the stream, Bungie announced that this year’s expansion would be followed by The Witch Queen expansion next year, in 2021, and a third expansion called Lightfall in 2022. Perhaps the biggest news here was that the game would be active at least until 2022. 

The Destiny 2 game was first released in 2017, and so far, had two major expansions and a seasonal update model. With the next three major extensions announced, one thing is certain: there is no Destiny 3 on the horizon for the moment. 

Destiny 2 expansion delayed Beyond Light is going to be available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in November after it will be released. Moreover, Bungie announced that its famous game, Destiny 2, is going to be available on the next-gen Xbox Series X and next-gen PS5 for this year’s holiday season. But, make no mistake, all current Destiny 2 content plus the Beyond Light extension content will be available on those consoles.