Home Computer Dimensity 720 Processor launched and Features the most Power-efficient 5G modem

Dimensity 720 Processor launched and Features the most Power-efficient 5G modem

Dimensity 720 Processor launched and Features the most Power-efficient 5G modem

MediaTek launched its new Dimensity 720 chipset on Thursday, and it has integrated 5G for mid-range phones, promising to give users access to premium 5G experiences on their smartphones, according to the company. 

The new Dimensity 720 processor is part of the company’s 5G chipset family that includes a variety of chipsets, including Dimensity 1000, specially designed for flagship 5G smartphones, plus the Dimensity 800 and 700 models for more accessible 5G mid-range devices. The latest chipset also brings support for SA and NSA networks, plus for sub-6Ghz connectivity. Yet, you shouldn’t expect the mmWave. 

MediaTek has revealed that the 7nm chip includes the most power-efficient 5G modem in its chipset family as it is built with the company’s 5G UltraSave technology that uses both network and content awareness intelligence to support the modem’s operating more in real-time which helps extend the battery life. 

Moreover, to offer an even better overall experience, the Dimensity 720 chipset also integrates multimedia, connectivity, and imagining features. Furthermore, it also supports the latest connectivity technologies, including voice-over New Radio, 5G and 4G dual SIM, plus dual standby which will give users access to the best possible connection. 

Dimensity 720 processor features support for various tools

MediaTek has revealed that its latest Dimensity 720 chipset features support for 90 Hz high frame-rate displays, it has a MiraVision HDR10+ video playback, which will support a range of video features such as dynamic range remapping. Moreover, smartphones with MediaTek’s latest chipset will also have access to a 64MP or 20+16 MP dual cameras. Moreover, the cameras will also include various AI-camera enhancements, which will be powered by MediaTek’s integrated AI processing Unit. 

But that’s not all! The Dimensity 720 processor will also come with an integrated VoW to help minimize the power consumption of voice assistants that are always-on. Plus, it will also have a dual-mic noise suppression. Thus, your smartphone’s voice assistant will be able to hear what you are saying more clearly, even when you are in very loud environments. 

MediaTek’s Dimensity 720 processor is a fierce competitor to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 690, which is also available for mid-range smartphones. Compared with the Snapdragon 690, which supports 120Hz displays, Dimensity 720 chipset will support only up to 90Hz. However, there is a major element where MediaTek’s latest chipset is one step ahead of the Snapdragon 690, and that is the maximum RAM support. While Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 690 only supports up to 8GB RAM, Dimensity 720 will support up to 12GB RAM. 

MediaTek’s latest chipset brings a feature such as the super-fast 5G essence, which was previously a unique asset of the premium, to the mid-range smartphones. Now, although MediaTek has announced the launch of its new chipset on Twitter and even offered a link where users can read more about its power-efficient chip, it has not yet confirmed a date when the new Dimensity 720 chipset will land in mid-range phones.