Facebook Confirms Testing a Dark Mode for its Mobile Apps


Facebook’s redesigned desktop site has been giving users’ eyes a break since May this year. It will now do so for mobile users as well. 

Last month, Facebook introduced the dark mode version for desktop. Now, the company has confirmed that it is also testing a dark mode version for its mobile app. In fact, a very small percentage of people globally are already enjoying Facebook’s new feature. Still, there is no timeline yet when the dark mode will be available to all mobile users. 

It’s pretty surprising that it took Facebook so long to decide to roll out a dark mode for its mobile app, considering the WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, its other three apps, already have this feature. Plus, Twitter has introduced this dark mode feature for some time now, and even Google introduced a dark mode for its app at the beginning of the year. 

However, since Facebook has over 3 billion active users across all its apps, it might make sense why it is so cautious about introducing a dark mode for its main app. Any bug or design issue would affect a large section of its audience. 

Facebook’s dark mode on mobile

Yesterday, Facebook finally confirmed that its app’s dark mode is now out in the world but only for “a small percentage of users globally.” 

Also, some users who can already enjoy the app’s dark mode have tweeted lots of screenshots of what it looks like. And, we can tell you for sure that you’ll no longer be blinded during your scrolling through Facebook late night sessions. 

Dark mode options have a very dedicated fandom in the online community. They not only make apps more comfortable to view for some users, and are aesthetically pleasing, but most dark mode versions can also help preserve your device’s battery life as well. 

There’s a lot of hype surrounding dark mode options. Some people prefer changing their app’s window background color to black for aesthetic reasons. In contrast, others prefer it for how easy it is on the eyes, especially when using the phone in low-light environments. 

Facebook already has a dark mode version in its other apps, as mentioned above. And, now, it is testing the low-light and dark mode varieties of its dark mode for mobile as well. Usually, if users request a dark mode feature in an app, which they do very often and also did with the Facebook app, the chances are that developers will finally listen to their wish, and the dark mode option will appear at some point. 

 Now, the company still didn’t confirm when the dark mode option for its app will be out there for all mobile users around the world. Yet, it does seem like this useful feature is very close now. So, if you have been on the edge of the seat, hoping that the option will appear every time Facebook released a new update for its app, you may soon see your wish come true.