Features in the New Apple Watch 6

More Features for the New Apple Watch 6

If you did not want the new Apple Watch 6, after reading this article, you probably will be getting your pre-orders in as quickly as possible. The new watch is packed with features and once it’s on your wrist, you will gain a whole new world of insights into your habits, your health, activity trends and even keep an eye on the health of your hearing. It’s even possible to track your menstrual cycle on this remarkable new piece of wearable tech.

To start with, everything possible to do on the new Apple watch is all about the watch face. They are now more customizable than any other previous model and users are able to add characters to their messages by adding Animoji stickers to enhance their messages. This new feature is not exactly what one might call a “necessity”, but the cuteness factor is most certainly there.

The new Apple Watch 6 has an enhanced battery life and will last up to two days with a single charge. Thanks to new technology innovations this watch is set to be up there with the best wearable tech, if not THE BEST. It will have some competition, but with its new features and the power of iOS 7, it will likely far surpass the capabilities of any of its competition.

Here are just some of the new features coming with the Apple Watch 6…


The photos capability is enhanced on the new Apple Watch 6, with the ability to add color filters to any image.

Your Data

All your data within the watch is yours, and their promise is keeping any of your private and confidential information, under lock and key. When data is backed up to iCloud, it will still remain encrypted and fully protected.

Enhanced Siri

Ask Siri anything you like, on the go. Siri can search any topics you want more information on, it will be displayed on the screen, and then you can scroll the web pages that are displayed.

Shazam and Siri

Shazam and Siri are now working together right there in the watch. Just raise your hand and ask your watch what that song is, and you will have the answer within seconds. This feature does need cellular connectivity, however.

Hearing Health

The new Apple Watch 6 monitors ambient noise and keeps a track on the duration of your exposure to the noise. It will detect the decibel level and if it finds that it is at a level at which your hearing could potentially be affected, a notification will pop up to let you know.


Apple Watch 6 now has a new audiobook app – Apple Books – with which you can listen to your favorite books while exercising, commuting, driving or whenever you like. Titles from your Apple Books “reading now” list is automatically synced to the watch, so when you want to access the audiobook you are currently listening to on your iPad on your watch, it will begin at the place you left off.

New Apps

New apps are now discoverable with the new Apple Watch 6 with just a few taps of the finger. Use Siri to find your desired app or scroll through top app collections.


The Reminders app has been newly redesigned specially for the Apple Watch 6. It has never been easier to add reminders on the go when you do not have your phone with you. And they will sync up so you can access them from any device.

Various Features

Almost anything is possible in the new Apple Watch 6 with just a tap. It is now possible to access more apps then before and be able to see more information at a glance. Check cellular reception strength, check the decibel levels to ensure your hearing will not be adversely affected, jump out with just a tap to record a voice note, and then get straight back to what you were doing. Listen to an audiobook on the go with your watch? Sure. Check if there is a chance of rain before you head out the door? Absolutely. Need to make some quick calculations? Just access the calculator within the watch. It is all possible on the new Apple Watch 6.