Free iPhone 11 Pro offered to new and existing subscribers to T-mobile

Free iPhone 11 Pro

Yet, customers must meet certain requirements to be eligible for the offer. 

The mobile communication giant brand, T-mobile, announced that it is going to offer a free iPhone 11 Pro to each of their new and already existing subscribers that meet all of its qualifications. 

First, the new subscribers must switch from another mobile communications carrier and trade in their old device. For already existing customers, they can get their free iPhone 11 Pro if they add a line to their plan. T-mobile customers will have to pay for the device upfront for either scenario, and the company will pay them back in billing credits every month for over 24 months. 

It’s essential to mention that Apple, the tech giant, is likely a month away from announcing its long-rumored iPhone 12. And, everybody knows that when a new iPhone is released, there are usually a number of carrier incentives which benefit customers. However, you can get a free iPhone right now if you meet T-mobile’s criteria and, obviously, want it. 

T-mobile is offering a free iPhone 11 Pro

Well, it’s worth noticing that the iPhone 11 Pro isn’t exactly free. Customers will be paying for the phone upfront, but will then get their money back in billing credit. 

So, don’t just expect that you enter T-mobile stores, and you’ll leave there with an iPhone 11 Pro without paying anything. The company’s initiative is rather a win-win strategy. While the brand attracts new customers and rewards its already existing loyal customers and keeps them hooked, customers do, eventually, get a free iPhone 11 Pro. 

The iPhone 11 Pro has three cameras, which have an ultra-wide lens added to the standard wide-angle, plus telephoto lenses on the rear. It also has a brighter display, compared with its sibling: the iPhone 11. Plus, there’s also a new processor and a new version of iOS.

But, what made the iPhone 11 Pro really popular was its excellent battery life, processors that will keep Apple’s phone relevant for many years from now, plus the new camera system that outperforms any other phone on the market. 

So, you’ll be getting this great phone from Apple, almost for free. However, keep in mind that T-mobile isn’t just giving away free iPhone 11 Pro devices to any customer. To be eligible to benefit from the carrier’s offer, you must either switch from another carrier and trade your old phone for the free iPhone 11 Pro, if you are a new customer, or add a new voice line to your plan if you are an old T-mobile customer.  

T-mobile’s offer started Friday, 28 of August 2020, and it is a limited time offer. So, those T-mobile customers or those who want to become one should better hurry up to get their free iPhone 11 Pro.