Google Pixel 4a Leak Reveals too Much Hours Away from Launch

Google Pixel 4a

The launch of Google Pixel 4a is literally hours away, but, as we were expecting, its specs were quite thoroughly leaked by this point. However, in these final moments, some other details, such as renders, specs, and pricing were spilled out. 

Google’s upcoming mid-range Android smartphone has been anticipated for months. However, it has been confirmed by Google only a few days ago. Google has then confirmed that Google Pixel 4a will be launched on August 3, but no exact time was mentioned.

During this past weekend, a new series of leaks have been spilled out there in the form of renders, specs, and US pricing from leaker named Ishan Agarwal. The latest Google Pixel 4a leak also more or less confirmed the previously leaked details we’ve seen. 

Google Pixel 4a leak exposes too many details

Leaker Ishan Agrawal tweeted a list of details about Google Pixel 4a, which will be launched today, including details about the US pricing, the smartphone’s battery and many other specs. 

As the tweet reveals, Google’s Pixel 4a is expected to cost $349 in the US. Moreover, the leaks suggest that, at the end of the year, Google will also be launching the Pixel 4a 5G model, and it is expected to cost around $499. 

Apart from the pricing in the US of both models of Google Pixel 4a, the tweet also reveals numerous specs of Google Pixel 4a, which will be launched today. For example, the tweet mentions that the smartphone will have 6GB RAM, and 128 GB storage configuration, as some of use were already anticipating. The tweet also reveals that the Google Pixel 4a will include the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G chipset, plus 5.81-inch FHD and HDR OLED punch-hole display. We have also learned that the battery of the Android smartphone will be a 3,140mAh battery. Also, the Android smartphone is expected to have an 8-megapixel front-facing camera and a 12.2-megapixel rear camera. Plus, we expect it to have the same video recording capabilities as Pixel 4. 

Apart from its US pricing and the specs, Agarwal has also revealed that the 4a smartphone won’t be available only in the US but also in countries like the UK, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Japan, and Canada. 

Now, there’s no sure way to thoroughly verify and confirm these claims of the leaker right now. Yet, considering that the official launch will happen today, we will soon find out if these leaked details are accurate or not. Moreover, considering the proximity of the event, we can only assume that these are indeed the final renders, pricing, and specs of Google’s Pixel 4a Android smartphone. 

Today is the official confirmed launch date. And, although Google itself had already leaked a picture of the Android smartphone last month, we are all still really curious to see not only if it has the same design as previously revealed but also if the phone features all the specs the leader shared on Twitter.