Intel Core i9-10850K appears listed by retailers and might be cheaper than 10900K CPU

Intel Core i9

The rumored addition to the Comet Lake range, Intel’s Core i9-10850K, was seen online listed in a boxed retail version. It seems, after all, that the processor is going to be sold directly to customers. 

The 10850K version has not been confirmed yet as a 10-core alternative to the Core i9-10900K flagship, and rumors have it that it is pretty much the same but runs a little bit slower. Intel’s fans have seen this chip leaked only a few days ago, and it’s easy to assume that it is going to be an OEM model, which will be provided only to manufacturers to use in their prebuilt PCs. 

Yet, a tweet reveals that the processor is actually coming on the market and that an online retailer has already shared its pricing for it. LambadaTek reveals that the price of the processor is £459 plus VAT, which would take the cost of the i9-10850K processor up to $565. Yet, even if the listed pricing is accurate, since we have no official confirmation from Intel, the asking price in other countries is unlikely to be a direct currency conversion. 

Yet, despite Intel’s efforts to convince its buyers to purchase its newest processor, the pricing scheme is still in favor of Intel’s competitor AMD whose 12-core Ryzen 9 3900X is still a cheaper choice even if a year has passed since it was launched. AMD’s CPU now costs somewhere around $400, and in the opinion of many users, it is a better deal. So, Intel might still have to work twice as hard to provide users with something extraordinary and bring back its lost faith among those. 

Is the new Intel’s Core i9-10850K making sense?  

Intel Core i9-10850K appears listed by retailers, and considering the current pricing scheme, we are seeing for Intel’s new processor, assuming that the chip actually exists since Intel hasn’t officially confirmed it, the existing flagship is nearly 17% more expensive than the rumored new processor. 

Leaks are popping up around the processor all over the Internet, and it does make sense for the company to deliver a version of its 10900K that will be toned down. And, that being said, with such a big price difference, if the 10850K truly exists, we think that the chances are users will actually afford and want to buy off the shelves. 

Now, while its considerably lower price makes sense to users to purchase the new processor, for Intel, it makes sense as it will help the company to get some 10-core production out there. The company is currently struggling to meet the demand for its 10900K chip, so the toned-down version of it may be a great alternative to getting the 10-core production on the market. Intel Core i9-10850K appears listed by retailers, and rumors have it that it is pretty much the same with the already existing, Core i9-10900K flagship, except that the 10-cores run at 100 MHz less. Yet, previous leaks have suggested that the new processor is unlikely to perform much poorly, and yet, it will cost significantly less in theory.