Largest Redesign to Gmail in Years to Work more like Slack

Largest redesign to Gmail

Google has officially announced the changes of the largest redesign to Gmail in years. The search engine giant will integrate Chat, Meet, and document collaboration in Gmail. 

It seems that Google will redesign Gmail to cater better to office needs. You will be able to work on Google Docs, talk over Google Meet, and collaborate with your office colleagues all without having to leave Gmail. The giant search engine’s initiative seems to be a move to fight back the popularity that Slack has been gaining recently in workplaces. 

Yesterday, leaked images of Google’s redesign plans for Gmail were spotted on Google’s website. And, following the leak, the company confirmed that it is planning its largest redesign to Gmail in a long time. The company also revealed that it is planning to integrate a variety of its office-oriented tools, including Google Meet, Chat, and Rooms into Gmail, its top-rated email service. 

New tools integrated into Gmail following the redesign 

Google has posted a blog post in which it explains that the redesign of its email service has the purpose of deepening the integration between three significant pillars of communication such as email, chat, and video. Email is used in many offices for communication. Thus, Google decided that it is time to integrate its other services into Gmail too.

So far, Google has already made Google chat available for desktop and made it easy to join meetings from your mobile devices. And, it seems that after the largest redesign to Gmail in years, you’ll also be able to have Google chat meetings straight from the Google app on your phone. 

Apart from improving meeting tools, the company is also focusing its redesign efforts on deepening drive integration into chats. It will allow you to directly access and import documents into the chat tools. 

Moreover, with Gmail’s new capabilities, you can also create rooms with people who are not necessarily part of your company. This is a cross-organizational functionality that was announced last month by Slack, and it seems that Google is also going to use it. Now, the best news here is that you’ll no longer have to leave the Gmail app to manage your projects as the Chats tool will be fully integrated into the email service app. 

But make no mistake, this isn’t all. Google did promise us the largest redesign to Gmail in years after all. The company also announced updates that will allow users to forward chat message to the inbox, search chat messages right from the email service app, pin rooms to find them easily when you need them, set your status if you are not available to talk, ban ejected meeting members, and even access Google Meet from Google Docs. 

Gmail’s redesign definitely brings an added functionality to the service, and it will become twice as useful for office workers, remote workers in particular. Yet, there’s also a drawback here for those who don’t need all these Google’s services if they don’t use them at all.