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MythBusters Host Grant Imahara Died following a Brain Aneurysm

MythBusters host

Grant Imahara, the MythBusters host, died at age 49 following a brain aneurysm. Imahara is also known for his appearances on BattleBots and White Rabbit Project. 

Grant Imahara had a very successful career not only in television but also as an electrical engineer and roboticist. He is, however, best known for his work on the reality series MythBusters. Discovery made a statement to The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, following Imahara’s death, saying that Imahara was an essential part of the Discovery family and a really amazing man. In the statement, Discovery representatives also sent their thoughts and prayers to Imahara’s family during these difficult times. 

MythBusters host Grant Imahara’s career

Grant Imahara graduated from the University of Southern California with an electrical engineering degree. After graduation, before joining MythBusters in the show’s third season, Grant Imahara had a brilliant career as an engineer at Lucasfilm’s THX and ILM divisions. After joining the show, Imahara became a very important part of it for its marvelous inventions as he was often building robots. During the show, Imahara also specialized in busting myths that involved computers and Robotics.

However, in 2014, he left the show together with his build team from the show, which included Kari Byron and Tory Belleci. And, only two years after the three left the MythBusters show, they reunited for a project called White Rabbit Project, which was released by Netflix. In the White Rabbit Show, Grant Imahara and his fellow build team members were investigating diverse and interesting topics, somehow also connected to his previous career in electronics and robotics. For example, the trio was investigating superpower technology, fascinating weapons from World War II, and heists. Yet, Netflix’s White Rabbit Project was canceled after only one season. 

Apart from these two popular shows, Imahara was also well-known by robots’ enthusiasts as he was an important part of the BattleBots project in the early 2000s. Being a roboticist, Imahara used his passion and skills to impress the robot combat community with his robot Deadblow in the BattleBots show. Thanks to his engineering and robotics experience, he was later invited to be a judge in the show. 

In 2018, MythBusters host Grant Imahara was also the host of a web series co-produced by big names in the industry of entertainment, The Verge and Curbed. The web series hosted by Imahara was called Home of the Future and analyzed smart home technologies that were incorporated into innovative designs for smarter living. 

MythBusters host Grant Imahara’s members in each of the shows he had appeared in have all expressed their deepest regrets following his death on Twitter. Tory Belleci and Kari Byron, Imahara’s team members from MythBusters and the White Rabbit Project, tweeted emotional messages 5to express their regrets. While Tory Belleci posted a tweet in which he said that he cannot believe the news and that his heart is broken from losing Imahara, Karo Byron expressed her wish to have a time machine suggesting that she would love to go back in time before Grant Imahara’s surprising death. 

His former MythBusters co-host, Adam Savage, also tweeted a message saying, “I’m at a loss. No words” and many kind words about how great of a man and engineer Imahara was. 

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