New Sims Reality TV Show Coming Soon

New Sims Reality TV Show Coming Soon
Photo: Harry Parvin

If you have ever been a fan of the game, The Sims, you will love the new Sims reality TV show that is on its way. The new show, called The Sims Spark’d, will follow an average style reality show format. The contestants on the new show will be provided with a specific goal that they need to reach, and a panel of judges will be assessing their creations. The winner will take home a massive $100,000 as their prize.

The “game” that the contestants will be playing is not all about baking cupcakes or making over a new space with their interior design skills or creating the best floral arrangement, but rather it’s all about telling stories within The Sims 4. Planned as a four show series, the new Sims reality TV show will air this coming Friday, July 17th. A catch up / on demand version of the show will be available the following Monday on the Multiplayer YouTube channel by Buzzfeed.

All in all, there will be 12 contestants taking part and each one is reported to be what EA Games calls, “familiar online personalities”. The judges will include celebrities. A host will complete the line up of famous and semi famous people and for this season will be Rayvon Owen, the former American Idol contestant. What Spark’d is looking to be is a curious evolution of the community that The Sims is all about. General manager of The Sims franchise, Lyndsay Pearson, told American technology news website, The Verge, “something that has always been so special to The Sims is the community and how much our players connect with each other to celebrate, share, collaborate and show off the things they’ve been able to make, or share their stories.”

Lyndsay Pearson compares the outline of the show to other similar creative type competitions such as Project Runway or Master Chef. The contestants are provided with a set of limited means and rules, and are then judged on their creativity in handling them. One of the goals of the show is to gather up a new audience for the game – it sounds like they may succeed in doing so. When non-gaming viewers watch the show with real live people, and being only four shows, they are probably going to be left wanting more, and what better way to get more whenever they want than turning to the game. These same non-gamers may not have previously had any interest in playing The Sims game, but a reality TV show is more accessible and requires very little effort to sit in front of a TV and watch. The show can, effectively, act as a gateway to the wonderful world of The Sims where just jumping onto a game console and trying to figure out what the game is all about and how to play it, could seem very daunting.

The 12 show contestants were picked partly due to their current online presence, for their familiarity and so that their followers would tune in and support them as well as share amongst their friend circles. The key though was to pick the players in such a way that they would all play the game in a slightly different way. For example, one may be good at building things, another may be skilful at telling stories, yet another might be excellent at coming up with new characters. The idea is to showcase the possibilities available in The Sims.

Even more exciting for The Sims 4 fans is that the game will include some challenges within the game that are directly linked to the show (after it has aired). Not only is it thrilling for the game enthusiasts, but it provides newcomers to The Sims game, after having watched the TV show, an opportunity to get stuck in and enjoy playing immediately by offering prompts to begin creating as quickly as possible. The idea is that the prompt would be much the same as a viewer watching Top Chef might be inspired to cook an elaborate three course meal.

The producers are already in planning for a second season of the show, so it will be interesting to see if the imminent first season will be a hit.