Nreal Augmented Reality Glasses are Shipping next Month in Korea with the Galaxy Note 20

Nreal augmented reality glasses

One and a half years after being announced at CES, the Nreal augmented reality glasses are ready to make their way to users. Initially, the plan was to release the customer version of the glasses in early 2020, but because of production issues caused by the pandemic, the company had to delay the release until August 21. At first, the Nreal augmented reality glasses will only be available in South Korea and will cost either the equivalent of $586 alone or $295 in a bundle with the new Galaxy Note 20. LG Plus will also sell them along with the LG Velvet and a dedicated 5G data plan. Although we don’t know when these glasses will become available in the US, Nreal said that they expect to begin selling outside South Korea in the following months. As for the price, the two options are the basic model, for personal use, at $499, and the advanced enterprise model, at over $1,200. The latter should also have a Snapdragon processor and sensor hardware. 

The Nreal augmented reality glasses, also called U+ Real Glass, use spatial tracking and projected images to overlay apps onto the real world. So, if you’re watching videos, playing games, or reading an article on a connected device, in this case the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, and instead of looking at the screen, you can see them through the glasses, as if the interface were right in front of you. When the Nreal augmented reality glasses launch, they should also have Google Chrome and social media support. Among the compatible apps Nreal listed Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, a collaborative holographic conferencing app called Spatial, a game called Nreal Tower, a TV app, and many others. Nreal says that the battery life largely depends on the device connected to the glasses, but they should be able to offer two hours of continuous use. This might not sound like much, but it’s comparable to the HoloLens2. 

The glasses only weigh three ounces and from afar they look just like a regular pair of folding sunglasses. However, inside they have a 1,920 x 1,080 display that blends seamlessly with the real world and makes using your phone a more immersive experience. This is also made possible by a black VR cover, which blocks all outside vision, and is compatible with VR applications too. Other accessories included in the package are a corrective lens frame for near-sighted users, and four magnetic nose pad attachments. 

The Nreal augmented reality glasses have built-in cameras that track hand gestures and eye movements, and they take the computing power from smartphones sporting Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 or newer. Since it was announced last year, the interface of the Nreal augmented reality glasses has already been improved. Also, with competitors like Google, Magic Leap, and Tilt Five either dropping their plans or pivoting towards other products, Nreal remains the only company that offers general-purpose smart glasses.