ONE Tech Announces New Capabilities Added to MicroAI™ Atom

ONE Tech announces

The global leader in edge AI technology, ONE Tech has announced yesterday that it has redefined its MicroAI™ Atom with new capabilities. The MicroAI™ Atom is part of the company’s MicroAI line, which has won various awards and has been designed to be part of microcontroller units. Now, ONE Tech announces new capabilities of the MicroAI™ Atom, including the ability to train and run AI models straight at the endpoint. 

The MicroAI™ Atom is the first of its kind technology, allowing silicon manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, smart device manufacturers, and smart device owners to cut the costs of bringing AI to the edge and endpoint by at least 80%. 

MicroAI™ Atom’s new capabilities 

The devices that will have microcontroller units embedded with the MicroAI™ Atom will be able to perform tasks at the network edge, including tasks such as predictive maintenance. The tasks that the devices will perform were previously available only on microprocessor units (MPUs). ONE Tech has announced new capabilities of the MicroAI™ Atom, which will enable manufacturers of IoT devices or hardware, household appliances manufacturers, or industrial assets to offer differentiated product offerings. 

Yasser Khan, ONE Tech’s CEO, has shared that the new capabilities added to the MicroAI™ Atom are leading to a groundbreaking phase for the industry. He said that enabling intelligence in the endpoints, as well as sensors, and even equipment at the network edge, everybody will be able to get AI-driven intelligence on a low-cost piece of hardware. Moreover, the company’s CEO has also pointed out that the capabilities of the company’s product, such as training and running a model on an MCU, is an unprecedented achievement. 

ONE Tech’s CEO also shared how the company’s newest technology will work. He explained that MicroAI™ Atom’s new capabilities will allow AI and predictive maintenance to move from devices that are MPU-based to devices that are MCU-based, with an insignificant footprint and significantly lower price point. ONE Tech’s newest advancement is a technology that businesses in industries such as manufacturing needed yesterday, according to Yasser Khan. 

The refined product from ONE Tech will support evolution in the current IoT market in terms of making processing IoT data locally become normality for IoT deployments. While before, the amount of incoming data needed to be processed and acted upon, now, the need to do this to enable automated action is no longer needed. 

Khan explained that while previously ONE Tech’s MicroAI, in its early versions, was designed to train and run MPU environments, now, the company is offering MicroAI with abilities to train and run AI models directly in MCU environments. 

On August 5, one Tech will hold an online event in which the company’s representatives will talk in more detail about this topic. The event that will take place in just a week now is part of ONE Tech’s webinar series, which can be found on “Bringing AI to the Endpoint” site. That’s where users can also register for the event.