OnePlus reveals Nord comes with Google Messages and Phone pre-installed

OnePlus reveals Nord

9to5Google reports that ahead of its debut, which will happen tomorrow, July 21st, Chinese smartphone maker, OnePlus, posted a video on Instagram revealing its new Nord phone has Google’s Messages and Phone apps installed, replacing its own SMS and dialer. The video posted on Instagram shows that the device will have Google’s Duo video chat app installed as well. 

Now, it is still unclear why the company decided to go with Google’s apps. Still, it seems to be a decision made pursuing the initiative of offering the “smoothest-est” Android experience to its users, as the video reveals. According to 9to5Google, it seems that using Google Messages will provide Nord users with access to Rich Communication Services messaging. The RCS messaging is basically the successor to SMS messaging and does pretty much what most other texting services do. Yet, it doesn’t offer the end-to-end encryption that other texting services have, such as iMessage. 

Google apps are an essential part of most Android smartphones, but most original equipment manufacturers have various replacements and alternatives to some of the Google apps. For example, OnePlus has used its own dialer and SMS apps pre-installed on its phones. But, now OnePlus reveals Nord comes with pre-installed apps from Google. 

OnePlus reveals Nord, planned to be released tomorrow in an augmented reality event, is going to be a more affordable device. In fact, in the video posted on Instagram, the company refers to its new device’s cost as “a pretty great price.” Yet, the video doesn’t reveal the actual price of the phone. However, last month, in a video, the company said that its Nord phone would cost under $500. 

OnePlus’s Nord phone specs

Prior to the big launch tomorrow, we’re going to share with you some of the specs of OnePlus’s Nord new device. Several official announcements have already revealed a few things about the device, including that it will be released in Europe and India. Other than that, most information about the Nord phone was pure speculations. 

Recently, however, the company has confirmed the name of its new phone “Nord” and has also confirmed the suspicions that the phone will be powered by a Snapdragon 765G 5G processor. OnePlus confirmed that Nord would have 6GB of RAM and 128GB internal storage. Moreover, leaked images from OnePlus reveal Nord will most likely have dual selfie cameras, one 48 MP selfie sensor, and the second one being a 16 MP angle one. 

As mentioned above, the Nord phone will first be launched in Europe and India. However, OnePlus fans from North America who want to purchase the Nord new device will also have a chance to try it through a “highly limited beta program,” which is set to take place after tomorrow’s main launch internationally. 

OnePlus reveals Nord is changing. Why? Because it aims to offer its users a smoother user experience with a phone that is highly affordable.