Qualcomm Quick Charge 5 only needs 5 minutes to charge your phone from zero to 50%

Qualcomm Quick Charge 5

When Qualcomm introduced its Quick Charge 4 processor in 2016, Android users couldn’t be happier. Their phones could now charge faster, and they were more protected from temperature and voltage damage as well.

Now, a little more than 3 years later, Qualcomm has just introduced Quick Charge 5, their latest fast-charging technology for smartphone devices, and it has some promising features to look out for. According to Qualcomm, it is the first-ever charging standard that supports 100W+ power on a smartphone. With this power, the device can go from 0 to 50% charge in only 5 minutes, while a full charge won’t take longer than 15 minutes to complete.

Compared to its predecessor, the Quick Charge 5 can be 70% more efficient, provides an up to 4 times faster charging time, and it runs 10 degrees cooler. The technology was designed to compete against Huawei’s SuperCharge, One Plus’s Dash Charge and Oppo’s Super VOOC charge. 

According to Qualcomm, their newest and fastest charging technology aims to help consumers enjoy their devices for more extended periods, without having to worry about the time it takes for their phone to charge. EV Roach, Qualcomm Technologies’ vice president of product management, talked about how proud the company is to be able to make 100W+ charging a “commercial reality”. 

So, what are the main advantages of the Quick Charge 5 technology?

Quick Charge 5 takes advantage of the full power of the existing standard USB Power Delivery Programmable Power Supply (PD-PPS), which allows advanced control over current level and voltage during the charging process. In theory, the Quick Charge 5 is universal, meaning you should be able to charge a device with this technology at full speed. 

A second advantage is the fact that this technology supports 2S battery systems (2 battery cells wired in series), doubling the charging voltage and increasing speed. 

Because it is backwards compatible, it means older Quick Charge devices and accessories will still work with the new Quick Charge 5 hardware. However, they will be limited by the fastest speed those earlier models can provide. 

When can we expect to see it integrated into market devices?

In December 2018, Qualcomm announced its Snapdragon 855 SoC, which is the company’s first chipset to come with a dedicated 5G modem. The Quick Charge 5 technology is integrated with this device, as well as with the latest Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 865 Plus chipsets, meaning we can expect to see it on the market quite soon.

Qualcomm earned its reputation as one of the biggest processor and modem suppliers, with many companies using its technology because it is easily compatible with existing products. When the first devices start shipping in Q3 of this year, we can expect a lot of phones to have the Quick Charge 5 technology integrated. 

As of now, devices such as Samsung Galaxy S10, OnePlus 7, Xiaomi Mi 9 and Sony Xperia XZ4 launched with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 Soc, which means we can expect these smartphones to support Quick Charge 5 technology.