Samsung’s New Product to be Launched at Unpacked in August

Samsung’s New Product to be Launched at Unpacked in August

Samsung is currently considering which of its devices to make the star of the show at the upcoming Unpacked event in August. Whatever Samsung’s new product, it is undoubtedly going to make an impact. But what will it be?

The last Unpacked event took place earlier in the year at which Samsung revealed the new S20 range – the phone hailed as the one that will change photography. This includes the S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra and is currently available for pre-order. What will the August 5th event focus on? Samsung, along with other tech giants, will be wanting to launch a product that really steals the show and gets a huge amount of engagement. The upcoming event will be completely online, so it will be quite a feat to gather the hype that follows new launch events that are usually in-person.

Presently, the expectation is that the new Galaxy Note 20 range will be announced at the event. Rumours in the tech world have mentioned a Note 20, a Note 20 Plus and a Note 20 Ultra. We don’t have information on the specs of each of these yet though. Not only is there a potential new Note 20 range, there’s also the Galaxy Z Flip phone in a 5G version and possibly the next Galaxy Fold – the Fold 2). There is also the upcoming Watch 3, Samsung’s new smartwatch. They are also set to release their newly designed earbuds that are shaped like a bean. Just the thought of these already feels comfortable and it’s a wonder why no other company has yet designed and released this type of earbud shape. Maybe they will be called “Ear Beans”? Sounds good! A folding tablet? Perhaps. Or they will throw all their new products into the mix and see what gets the most engagement and traction.

Whatever device Samsung chooses to make their star of the show, it needs to be received with a bang by the tech community and one that will bring people into the stores.