Second Next-gen Xbox – Leaked Microsoft Document

Second Next-gen Xbox – Leaked Microsoft Document

A leaked Microsoft document has hinted at a second next generation Xbox, much to the delight of Xbox fans around the world. As it turns out, Microsoft has been in the planning phase for another, cheaper and lesser powered Xbox console, making it a more affordable leap for interested users into the realm of Xbox – and thereby opening up the customer base.

“Lockhart”, the codename for the new console, is being designed to amplify the crucial next-gen improvements that can be found in the current Series-X, but now offering it to the market at a lower price point for easier entry. Gaming would be slightly slower, at 1080p to 1440p, however, for those potential users not accustomed to playing the first generation Xbox, the difference would likely not be noticeable. “Anaconda” is the codename for another next-gen console, also mentioned in the leaked document, and similarly aimed at the lower price point gamers who are not intent on gaming using the latest tech specs.

The leaked document has not explicitly outlined the performance specifications of the new consoles, but rumours are that they will have an “under-performing” CPU, along with a GPU performing with only four teraflops – this is in stark contrast to the Series-X 12 console. The RAM that will be available in the Lockhart console, is rumoured to be 7.5GB compared to 13.5GB usable RAM in the Series-X Xbox.

Microsoft has still not confirmed the information within the leaked document pertaining to Lockhart, but it is believed that the system will be released in a few months’ time. It is further rumoured that it will be marketed under the model name, “Series-S”. Promotion will be targeted only towards gamers interested in getting started with Xbox but who are currently unable to justify the cost of a first generation brand new Xbox. What is great for these potential new gamers to the Xbox market is that they would be able to play Series-X games within the xCloud – an enticing prospect. It is also possible that Microsoft will make the new console a part of an Xbox all-access bundle that would pair the next-gen console with a Game Pass Ultimate membership option for an affordable monthly cost. For those gamers dreaming of entering the Xbox ecosystem but who have up until now been unable to afford entry, this is all very exciting indeed.