Largest Redesign to Gmail in Years to Work more like Slack

Largest redesign to Gmail
Google has officially announced the changes of the largest redesign to Gmail in years. The search engine giant will integrate Chat, Meet, and document collaboration in Gmail.  It seems that Google will redesign Gmail to cater better to office...

Microsoft’s new AI Feature Allows fans to be Virtually Seated in NBA games

Microsoft’s new AI feature
Basketball fans who miss the atmosphere of NBA events won’t be able to be in stands soon, but they can enjoy the next best thing – the virtual experience. Microsoft has recently announced that they are partnering with the NBA to allow...

Features in the New Apple Watch 6

More Features for the New Apple Watch 6
If you did not want the new Apple Watch 6, after reading this article, you probably will be getting your pre-orders in as quickly as possible. The new watch is packed with features and once it’s on your wrist, you will gain a whole new world of insights into your habits, your health, activity trends and even keep an eye on the health of your hearing. It’s even possible to track your menstrual cycle on this remarkable new piece of wearable tech.

The New Amazon Dash Cart is Revealed

The New Amazon Dash Cart is Revealed
Amazon, the name synonymous with retail convenience and being able to find almost anything you can dream of online, has taken the lid off its latest secret: a smart grocery cart. The new Amazon Dash Cart will make its debut later in the year at an in person Amazon grocery store based in California’s Woodland Hills.

Natural Language Processing model Could become as Big as Bitcoin

Natural language processing
A new natural processing model called Generative Pretrained Transformer, or GPT-3, could become the biggest thing since Bitcoin. Currently in beta stage, GPT-3 was developed by OpenAI, a non-profit AI research company backed by Elon Musk and Marc Benioff among others, and early...

59 Chinese Apps Banned in India for Stealing user Data, including TikTok

chinese apps
The Indian Government announced on Monday that they would block 59 Chinese apps on the grounds of Section 69A of the IT Act 2000. This decision comes amidst increasing political tensions between the two countries, as well as growing privacy concerns. According...

Ubisoft Announces Hyper Scape

Ubisoft announces Hyper Scape
There’s a new battle royale game in town! Hyper Scape, from Ubisoft, was announced yesterday on Twitch via access to a technical test and it caught the attention of half a million streamers in just half an hour.  The...

Apple exceeds Q3 revenue expectations despite COVID-19 pandemic

Apple exceeds Q3 revenue
On July 30, Apple announced its financial results for its third quarter of 2020, which ended on June 27. Wall Street analysts predicted revenue of $52.25 billion, but Apple went on to deliver $59.69 billion, with its overall year-over-year revenue growing nearly...

Google Chrome’s New Update for Better Tab Management

New Google Chrome Update
Google has launched a new update. Not only does it bring better and more improved tab management but extends to QR codes as well as performance enhancements including 10% faster page loads, PDF improvements, and a host of developer features. Google Chrome's new update, Chrome 85 is compatible on all platform Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Apple Joins Microsoft and Amazon in carbon-neutral pledge

Apple Joins Microsoft
Apple has announced its pledge to become carbon-neutral by 2030. The company says that its new sustainability commitment targets its entire business and manufacturing supply. Moreover, Apple explained that its pledge means that all its devices will have zero impact on climate...