Apple exceeds Q3 revenue expectations despite COVID-19 pandemic

Apple exceeds Q3 revenue
On July 30, Apple announced its financial results for its third quarter of 2020, which ended on June 27. Wall Street analysts predicted revenue of $52.25 billion, but Apple went on to deliver $59.69 billion, with its overall year-over-year revenue growing nearly...

PlayStation 5 is coming later in 2020- Here’s what to expect

PlayStation 5
Good news for PS enthusiasts: the wait is almost over, and we'll be playing with PS5 by next year.  The next-generation PlayStation console, PS5, was confirmed to be released later this year, with a specific...

Apple Map’s Look Around feature expands internationally, first to Japan

Apple Map
Apple Map’s Look Around feature, the company’s answer to Google’s Street View is coming to Japan. The feature is rolled out in Japan before anywhere else and can now be found in four cities across Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Kyoto. The...

Google Chrome’s New Update for Better Tab Management

New Google Chrome Update
Google has launched a new update. Not only does it bring better and more improved tab management but extends to QR codes as well as performance enhancements including 10% faster page loads, PDF improvements, and a host of developer features. Google Chrome's new update, Chrome 85 is compatible on all platform Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Anti Cyberbullying App uses AI to Protect you from Internet Trolls

anti cyberbullying
From Internet trolls trying to be funny to downright disturbing hate speech on social media, the Internet can be a dangerous place for our mental health. An app called BullStop is trying to fix that. The app, which has just been launched...

Google Pixel 4a just got leaked on the Canadian Google Store

Google Pixel 4a
Google Pixel 4a, Google’s long-awaited budget smartphone, could be hitting the market sooner than we think. Yesterday, Google updated its Canadian store with renders of its products. Under Nest Wifi, we didn’t see any Nest Wifi. We saw a render of the Pixel...

Facebook Confirms Testing a Dark Mode for its Mobile Apps

Facebook’s redesigned desktop site has been giving users’ eyes a break since May this year. It will now do so for mobile users as well.  Last month, Facebook introduced the dark mode version for desktop. Now, the company has...

KlarnaSense – The New Way to Make Better Shopping Decisions

KlarnaSense – The New Way to Make Better Shopping Decisions
Klarna (Klarna Bank AB), the Swedish bank providing services including payment solutions, has launched its new product offering called KlarnaSense. It has come at an excellent time considering the current COVID-19 crisis. This new offering has been created in order to urge consumers to make better shopping decisions by purchasing the right products at just the right time – and being smart about it.

AMD Q2 Results Reveal Record Profits from Ryzen Processors

AMD Q2 Results
AMD Q2 results are in, and it seems that the California-based company is living its best days. According to the financial report, which they published on their website, AMD’s revenue for the second quarter of 2020 has reached a whopping $1.93 billion, and...

NVIDIA Breaks Record after Record for Performance in latest MLPerf AI Training Benchmarks

NVIDIA breaks record
This Wednesday, MLPerf, industry-standard artificial intelligence and machine learning benchmarking group, released its third round of training benchmark results, and NVIDIA obliterated its competition. Each year, MLPerf, which is comprised out of 80 universities and companies around the world,...