Apple exceeds Q3 revenue expectations despite COVID-19 pandemic

Apple exceeds Q3 revenue
On July 30, Apple announced its financial results for its third quarter of 2020, which ended on June 27. Wall Street analysts predicted revenue of $52.25 billion, but Apple went on to deliver $59.69 billion, with its overall year-over-year revenue growing nearly...

NVIDIA Breaks Record after Record for Performance in latest MLPerf AI Training Benchmarks

NVIDIA breaks record
This Wednesday, MLPerf, industry-standard artificial intelligence and machine learning benchmarking group, released its third round of training benchmark results, and NVIDIA obliterated its competition. Each year, MLPerf, which is comprised out of 80 universities and companies around the world,...

AMD Q2 Results Reveal Record Profits from Ryzen Processors

AMD Q2 Results
AMD Q2 results are in, and it seems that the California-based company is living its best days. According to the financial report, which they published on their website, AMD’s revenue for the second quarter of 2020 has reached a whopping $1.93 billion, and...

ONE Tech Announces New Capabilities Added to MicroAI™ Atom

ONE Tech announces
The global leader in edge AI technology, ONE Tech has announced yesterday that it has redefined its MicroAI™ Atom with new capabilities. The MicroAI™ Atom is part of the company’s MicroAI line, which has won various awards and has been designed to...

Microsoft’s new AI Feature Allows fans to be Virtually Seated in NBA games

Microsoft’s new AI feature
Basketball fans who miss the atmosphere of NBA events won’t be able to be in stands soon, but they can enjoy the next best thing – the virtual experience. Microsoft has recently announced that they are partnering with the NBA to allow...

AMD Ryzen 4000G processors are now coming to prebuilt desktop computers

AMD Ryzen 4000G processors
If you plan on buying a new desktop computer soon, you’re in luck, because AMD has just announced their new AMD Ryzen 4000G processors, and they’re expected to drop later in fall. With this new line of processors, AMD is competing with...

Apple Joins Microsoft and Amazon in carbon-neutral pledge

Apple Joins Microsoft
Apple has announced its pledge to become carbon-neutral by 2030. The company says that its new sustainability commitment targets its entire business and manufacturing supply. Moreover, Apple explained that its pledge means that all its devices will have zero impact on climate...

Google Maps Update just Added more Biker-friendly Features

Google Maps update
Google Maps is a great app for directions, but biker-friendly features have never been its strong suit. Well, until now. Yesterday, Google announced a new update for Maps, which will add more features for bikers. The update will be available in a...

Natural Language Processing model Could become as Big as Bitcoin

Natural language processing
A new natural processing model called Generative Pretrained Transformer, or GPT-3, could become the biggest thing since Bitcoin. Currently in beta stage, GPT-3 was developed by OpenAI, a non-profit AI research company backed by Elon Musk and Marc Benioff among others, and early...

Destiny 2 Expansion Delayed to November 10th due to Covid-19 Pandemic

Destiny 2 expansion delayed
Destiny 2 expansion Beyond Light is delayed to November 10th as Bungie reports development difficulties due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The extension was supposed to be released on September 22nd.  A statement from Destiny Development Team explains that...