US Cyberattack against Russia confirmed by President Trump

US cyberattack against Russia

US cyberattack against Russia confirmed by President Trump in an interview with The Washington Post. 

President Trump confirmed in an interview with The Washington Post that, in 2018, he authorized a cyberattack against the Internet Research Agency (IRA). This Russian troll farm the President believes is responsible for meddling in the 2016 elections. This is the first time Trump confirms the attack to have been authorized by him. 

In the Washington Post interview with Post columnist Marc Thiessen, President Trump told Thiessen that the cyberattack aimed to disrupt a disinformation campaign led by Russia, which was meant to spread doubts about the results of the midterm. Moreover, President Trump also told Thiessen that the cyberattack was successful in disrupting the campaign mentioned above. 

In 2016 during the presidential elections, the Russian Internet Research Agency was involved in a troll factory that aimed to interfere with political opinions and decision-making during that time. The troll factory included a number of trolling actions, including stealing emails from the Democratic National Committee

US cyberattack against Russia in 2018 

In the past, before the 2018 cyberattack, which was authorized by the President, Trump has tried to find out Russia’s involvement in the hack, which targeted the Democratic National Committee, despite him having substantial evidence from the American intelligence services that Russia was responsible for this. 

During the 2018 cyberattack against IRA, the Russian research agency had its internet access disrupted on the 2018’s midterms election day and the days following. US President, Donald Trump, justified his authorization of the US cyberattack against Russia as an operation meant to prevent the IRA from conducting a farm toll to undermine public faith in the election results. Previous the attack, the cyber command operation also involved directly messaging IRA’s employees on their personal accounts to warn them against getting involved in American affairs. 

During the interview with The Washington Post, Donald Trump also criticized former President Barack Obama, suggesting that Obama was aware of the troll factory but did little to prevent Russia’s hacking efforts. However, at that time, the Obama administration took some actions, including expelling 35 Russian diplomats, closing two Russian compounds on American soil, and putting counter-cyberattack measures in place where the administration left up to Trump’s administration to utilize. 

Moreover, the Washington Post also points out that President Obama called out Russia for being involved in the hacking against the DNC. Plus, he also suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin was directly involved in the DNC hack. 

Now, there are also rising concerns over interference in the 2020 election. Moreover, Joe Biden, a candidate for 2020’s presidential elections, has asked Facebook, the social media giant, to do its best to stop interference from foreign operatives. 

 Also, earlier this year, President Trump met a national intelligence briefing of Russia’s plans to interfere in this year’s elections with hostility. Since then, the director of national intelligence is often described, as the New York Times says too, as a Trump “loyalist”.